lifestyle shoots

I categorise lifestyle photography as being anything to do with creating a family and capturing people’s lives, such as babies, children, couples, families, individual adult portraiture and also maternity.  I am immensely dedicated to family shoots because family to me is most important, above everything else in my life.  I wouldn’t be where I am in life without them.  Families share devotion, laughter and love, my main objective when shooting is to capture just that.

My signature style is natural, contemporary and fresh, sometimes I incorporate a bit of a styled shoot, if that’s what my clients want.  I prefer to work with natural light, the best times to shoot outdoors is iether upon sunrise or 1 hr before sunset in the afternoons.  Depending on the seasons, these times will differ somewhat.  Your venue choice is also very important, there are a variety of venue options available.  Depending on where you reside and how far you would be prepared to travel.  Outdoor shoots are highly recommended and because we live in such a beautiful country with the world’s best weather, we should take the opportunity to shoot outdoors.   Usually the venue would determine the style or theme of the shoot.  For example, Reef Steamers which is old train station in Germiston, the Irene Dairy farm, the Vintage car scrapyard (0ne of my favourite venues :-) ), a property which has a huge open space with fields of green grass, tall trees, reeds, willow trees and also has a small broken down building, which has that rustic feel to it.    Mechelle is also open to any new outdoor venue suggestions, the more the merrier!  Indoors is also great, as long as it’s well lit with natural light.   I also have my own studio with a few different coloured backgrounds, the studio always comes in handy when the weather does not co-operate.

For newborn baby shoots,  shooting indoors is imperative as you would want your little one to be warm and comfortable.

Just remember to have fun during the shoot, after all, it’s an experience, the perfect excuse to create moments!

Please contact Mechelle if you want more info about the shoot or require a quotation.